Ryder turns 1 | West Kelowna Family Photographer

It is hard to believe that this little guy is already 1 year old!  To celebrate his Birthday we headed out to the park, armed with a super cute cupcake cake.  Needless to say, the cake smash part of the shoot was lacking in the smashing part.

cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0006 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0007 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0008 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0009 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0010 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0011 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0012 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0013 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0014 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0015 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0016 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0017 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0018 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0020cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0019 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0023 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0022


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