Micaela turns 1 | Kelowna Family Photographer

Micaela’s cake smash was extra special. It wasn’t just the cake, tutu and pearls but  the story behind what you see in these photos.

I had known Micaela’s mom for about 5 years before she came along. With her 1st birthday coming up, her mom knew she wanted to celebrate with a cake smash photo shoot.  Because little Ms. Micaela had overcome so much, including open heart surgery at only 12 weeks old, I knew we had to make this experience amazing and fun.

Check out these oh-so-sweet photos!
cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0031 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0032 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0033 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0034 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0035 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0036 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0037 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0038 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0039 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0040 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0041 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0042 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0043 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0044 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0045 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0046 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0047 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0048 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0049 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0050 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0051 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0052 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0053 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0054 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0055 cake-smash-birthday-kelowna-photographer_0056


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