Amanda & Adam | Kelowna Engagment Photographer

Amanda & Adam came all the way from Edmonton for their engagement session.   When Amanda told me she wanted to do the shoot in down town Kelowna to recreate some of their first dates I was ecstatic!  They were even bringing their bikes, to incorporate them into the shoot!  To top it off she mentioned that they wanted to have a picnic on Adam’s moms dock and end it by jumping into the lake!  And that we did!

I had so much fun shooting their engagement photos and cannot wait for their fall wedding at UBC Kelowna.

downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0174 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0175 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0176 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0177 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0178 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0179 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0180 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0181 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0182 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0183 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0184 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0185 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0186 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0187 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0188 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0189 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0190 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0191 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0192 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0193 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0194 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0195 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0196 downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0197downtown-kelowna-engagement-photographer_0198


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