Girl on Fire | Kelowna Portrait Photographer

Every time I shoot with this woman it is amazing! We planned this shoot pretty last minute but it turned out phenomenal! Can you believe this light?! ♥ Both of these amazing outfits are from Perch Travelling Boutique.

girl-on-fire-creative-kelowna-portrait-photographer_0073 girl-on-fire-creative-kelowna-portrait-photographer_0074 girl-on-fire-creative-kelowna-portrait-photographer_0075 girl-on-fire-creative-kelowna-portrait-photographer_0076 girl-on-fire-creative-kelowna-portrait-photographer_0077 girl-on-fire-creative-kelowna-portrait-photographer_0078 girl-on-fire-creative-kelowna-portrait-photographer_0079
Sometime I cannot decide if I prefer black and white or color. This was one of those times!girl-on-fire-creative-kelowna-portrait-photographer_0080 girl-on-fire-creative-kelowna-portrait-photographer_0082 girl-on-fire-creative-kelowna-portrait-photographer_0083
WARDROBE: Perch Travelling Boutique
NECKLACE: Piyan Designs
MODEL: Maria Elige


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