Dress Rentals

One dress, travelling the world to ignite inspiration.

An amazing idea has brought photographers together across the U.S. and dabbled into Canada. I’m excited that I was able to help organize a Travelling Dress in Canada!!! As creatives, each photographer is fascinated with one another’s different points of view, so we decided to see what would happen if each of us had the opportunity to use the exact same dress to make our unique visions come to life.

The first dress included 16 different photographers that will shoot this EXACT same dress between now and June, bringing their visions to life.

I kicking off it’s cross Canada journey with a stylized wedding shoot as well as a few boss babe portraits!

Aurora Muse – Designer: Reclamation S-M
Black Beauty – Designer: Reclamation S-L 
Stevie Wrap Dress – Designer: Reclamation
*matching child dress available*
Sleeveless – Designer: Reclamation S-M 
Enchanting Ivory – Designer: Reclamation Size M-L
Gold Glitter Gown – Designer: Reclamation Size “S-XXL”
Two-Piece – Designer: Reclamation Size XS-S
Rust Slip Dress – Designer: Reclamation Size XS-XL

So how does it work?

Each photographer books a time slot with the dress; shooting it with their own specific style and creative vision, before mailing it off to the next person. As artists, personal projects like this help us to try new things and keep our creative juices flowing.