Alison & Chris | Prince George Engagement Photographer

In September during my road trip to Northern B.C., Alison and Chris were the 2nd stop on my trip.  I had been to Prince George many times but this would be my first time doing photos here and I was excited to see what locations they had chosen.  As we arrived at our first location, Alison told me that this place was special to them.  This is where they had their first date!   It means SO much to me that they took me to a spot that meant so much to them both!

I met Alison about 5 years ago through some mutual friends and had heard her talk about how she couldn’t wait to meet the perfect guy.  About 2 years ago, she moved up to Prince George and ended up meeting Mr. Perfect.  I was excited when she said she was bringing her man down to Kelowna to meet us all.  I was THRILLED to find out he had popped the question!
We took our time during their shoot, wondering around Connaught hill hearing stories about their first dates and the significance of the single rose that he brought for her on their first dates. I loved getting to know Chris better and watching Alison light up when he talked about their life together.  For our second location we headed over to Cottonwood Park, where they had had their second date!

I could go ON and ON about these two! How hard they laughed together, how sweet they are, how they’re always holding hands and how they steal kisses from each other whenever possible!

Thank you so so much for an AMAZING night!! I had such an amazing time and it meant so much to me that you showed me your first date location!! I cannot wait to watch you two get married in 2017!
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