Carlee, Steve, Nahla | Valentines Day | Kelowna Portrait Photographer

Who knew a message about a sweater on a Facebook Shop and Swap page would lead to a fun Valentines Day photo shoot.  When I met Carlee I completely fell in love with her dog Nahla.  She is just the coolest dog, who has her own wardrobe!  I had asked Carlee about doing a shoot with her hound and she was thrilled. I mean, when your dog is this adorable why wouldn’t you want photos of her? After many reschedules, due to the weather, we ended up doing the shoot on Valentines Day.  Steve was planning to meet up with us after work, but on the morning of the shoot he suprised Carlee by having the day off.

Spring-Couple-portrait-photoshoot-kelowna_0587 Spring-Couple-portrait-photoshoot-kelowna_0588 Spring-Couple-portrait-photoshoot-kelowna_0589 Spring-Couple-portrait-photoshoot-kelowna_0590 Spring-Couple-portrait-photoshoot-kelowna_0591 Spring-Couple-portrait-photoshoot-kelowna_0592