Michael & Shelley | Twin Lakes Keremeos Wedding

I’m finally getting caught up on posting some of the weddings I shot from last year.  Last year was full of amazing couples and beautiful weddings. Summer weddings are always gorgeous, but are they ever HOT!  That was no exception for Michael and Shelley’s backyard wedding.  Oh, what a beautiful (and HOT) day it was for an Okanagan summer wedding.  Michael and Shelley’s wedding was held at the bride’s mothers house in Twin Lakes, Keremeos surrounded by family and friends. It was absolutely stunning.  Backyard weddings feel comfortable.  They feel intimate and they always feel like a lot of fun!

Thank you so much for choosing us to capture you wonderful wedding day!

twin-lakes-keremeos-wedding-photographer_0014twin-lakes-keremeos-wedding-photographer_0001 twin-lakes-keremeos-wedding-photographer_0008 twin-lakes-keremeos-wedding-photographer_0009 twin-lakes-keremeos-wedding-photographer_0011 twin-lakes-keremeos-wedding-photographer_0013 twin-lakes-keremeos-wedding-photographer_0022 twin-lakes-keremeos-wedding-photographer_0025 twin-lakes-keremeos-wedding-photographer_0026 twin-lakes-keremeos-wedding-photographer_0027 twin-lakes-keremeos-wedding-photographer_0029 twin-lakes-keremeos-wedding-photographer_0030 twin-lakes-keremeos-wedding-photographer_0031 twin-lakes-keremeos-wedding-photographer_0034

These 2 guys did an amazing balancing job on those cupcakes…. down a hill! Very impressive.

twin-lakes-keremeos-wedding-photographer_0039 twin-lakes-keremeos-wedding-photographer_0040
twin-lakes-keremeos-wedding-photographer_0043 twin-lakes-keremeos-wedding-photographer_0045 twin-lakes-keremeos-wedding-photographer_0047