Robyn | Kelowna Vintage Portrait Photographer

If you know me, or follow my photography, you have probably heard me mention the name Perch Travelling Boutique.  It all started 2 years ago when Robyn and I met to brainstorm ideas for shoots to create over a glass of wine.  Last year I had mentioned to her that she should get in front of the camera wearing her vintage styles, with some hesitation, she agreed! Unfortunately, the weather didn’t.

As soon as spring rolled around this year, I knew we had to bring this vision to life, with Robyn modelling.  We planned the shoot, set the date arranged hair and make-up and on the day we were set to shoot, the weather was all over the place.  Lucky for us, it cleared up just enough to make for gorgeous light and a wicked backdrop.

I will be posting Robyn’s gorgeous vintage portrait session in two parts because there are so many amazing photos. With 2 very different outfits, it was hard to narrow down just a few.  (STAY TUNED!)

Robyn-Vintage-portrait-kelowna-photographer_0628 Robyn-Vintage-portrait-kelowna-photographer_0631 Robyn-Vintage-portrait-kelowna-photographer_0632 Robyn-Vintage-portrait-kelowna-photographer_0633 Robyn-Vintage-portrait-kelowna-photographer_0644 Robyn-Vintage-portrait-kelowna-photographer_0645

Robyn-Vintage-portrait-kelowna-photographer_0636 Robyn-Vintage-portrait-kelowna-photographer_0637 Robyn-Vintage-portrait-kelowna-photographer_0638 Robyn-Vintage-portrait-kelowna-photographer_0639

Model: Robyn

Wardrobe/Styling: Perch Travelling Boutique

Makeup: Ciao Bella Makeup Artist

Dress designer: Gunnie Sax

Hair: Karen St. Pierre

Ninja Assistant: Maria