The Road to Hotel Zed | Kelowna Photographer

When we chatted with Hotel Zed about using their shuttle for the shoot, yes this is their real shuttle, we imagined colour and lots of it! Colour is what we did! Say hello to our 1960’s mod inspired “Road to Hotel Zed” photo shoot!  What can I say about this shoot besides absolutely amazing!  We got to channel our inner Twiggy and Jane Birkin for this super fun shoot with Hotel Zed. Kudos to Robyn of Perch Travelling Boutique for introducing me to one of the Kelowna managers, and for having the perfect outfits to style this shoot.

The 1960’s had so much to offer the world, from messages of peace and love to shortened hemlines. One of our favourite 1960’s moments was the “mod” movement, which brought forward tailored suits and bright colours aplenty.  Amanda & Nicole of Glenmore Hair Studio killed it with the hair, followed by Anna of OMG Okanagan Makeup Goddess knocking it out of the park with this makeup!  When we arrived on location, I was so thrilled when the Hotel Zed shuttle rounded the corner!  This vintage 1961 Chevy Greenbrier was amazing!  All put together, we’re wild about the results of this shoot!

Hotel-Zed-KCL-Photography-Kelowna-Photographer_0711 Hotel-Zed-KCL-Photography-Kelowna-Photographer_0712 Hotel-Zed-KCL-Photography-Kelowna-Photographer_0713 Hotel-Zed-KCL-Photography-Kelowna-Photographer_0714 Hotel-Zed-KCL-Photography-Kelowna-Photographer_0715Hotel-Zed-KCL-Photography-Kelowna-Photographer_0717 Hotel-Zed-KCL-Photography-Kelowna-Photographer_0718 Hotel-Zed-KCL-Photography-Kelowna-Photographer_0719 Hotel-Zed-KCL-Photography-Kelowna-Photographer_0720 Hotel-Zed-KCL-Photography-Kelowna-Photographer_0721 Hotel-Zed-KCL-Photography-Kelowna-Photographer_0722 Hotel-Zed-KCL-Photography-Kelowna-Photographer_0723 Hotel-Zed-KCL-Photography-Kelowna-Photographer_0724 Hotel-Zed-KCL-Photography-Kelowna-Photographer_0726 Hotel-Zed-KCL-Photography-Kelowna-Photographer_0727 Hotel-Zed-KCL-Photography-Kelowna-Photographer_0728 Hotel-Zed-KCL-Photography-Kelowna-Photographer_0729Hotel-Zed-KCL-Photography-Kelowna-Photographer_0725

Models: Ashleigh & Kristal

Wardrobe/Styling: Perch Travelling Boutique

Makeup: OMG Okanagan Makeup Goddess

Hair: Amanda & Nicole at Glenmore Hair Studio & Esthetics

Use of shuttle provided by: Hotel Zed, Kelowna B.C.