Vintage Picnic | Kelowna Portrait Photographer

Back in 2014, I met an amazing lady with a love for everything vintage!  We brainstormed all sorts of amazing ideas for photo shoots that we wanted to create.  Fast forward to later that year to this hot and sunny Sunday where we finally made one of our ideas happen!  We decided that a vintage picnic had to be our first project together.  Even better, we were able to incorporate the blue bus it’s self!  We scouted out an amazing local orchard, and to our surprise, the owners had a ’66 Ford Mustang they allowed us to use for the shoot!  What an amazing addition to the shoot.

Summer is my favourite month and this shoot just screams summer! Have a look and let the summer vibes in!
vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0227vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0223 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0224 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0225 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0226 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0228 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0229 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0230 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0232 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0233 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0235 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0236 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0237 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0238 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0239 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0240 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0241 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0242 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0243 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0244 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0245vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0234 vintage-summer-picnic-kelowna-photographer_0246

Special thanks to Shewndy Orchards for the use of their farm and 1966 Mustang.

Wardrobe/Styling: Perch Travelling Boutique

Retro Soda: Sticky’s Candy Kelowna

Models: Maria, Summer, Lisa, Axel and Dee the Dachshund